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Thank you for participating in the ScholarShare 529 Workplace Savings Program. Together we can help your employees prepare to meet one of their most important financial goals – paying for their child’s college education.

Our team of Field Consultants are eager to help you any way we can. If you have any questions or comments, just let us know. Contact us.


Employee Helpline


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Call Center 800.544.5284 or Email:

Employee Materials

Call us to arrange for customized materials or download any of the following:

Enrollment Videos – Download our new fun and informative videos to teach your employees how to enroll in ScholarShare 529. Videos can be posted on your intranet or distributed via email.

Download videos by selecting a link:

Employee Flyer – Suitable to hang up in your office or attach to emails. Lets your employees know you participate in our program and tells them where to go for more information.

Employee Article – 7 Reasons – An overview of our plan suitable to reprint in your company newsletter or elsewhere.

Banner Ads – Standard sized banner ads you can add to your company's website or embed in emails.

529 Guide – A quick look at 529 plans and their benefits.

Enrollment Brochure – A comprehensive brochure detailing everything your employees may want to know.

Employer Payroll Guide – Step by step instructions on how to set up Payroll Direct Deposit.

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