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On January 27, 2020, ScholarShare 529 changed to a new administrative platform.

Any direct deposit contributions established under the old record keeper will be rejected and returned unless direct deposit contributions are re-established. Impacted account owners who contribute through payroll direct deposit should have received a letter containing instructions to update payroll instructions. If you did not receive this letter, please contact us at 1-800-544-5248.

Helping employees save for college

Saving for college with the ScholarShare 529 plan can be worth thousands of dollars in tax advantages for your employees. The ScholarShare 529 Workplace Savings Program lets you provide this valuable benefit to your employees, at no cost to your organization.


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College Savings – A critical addition to your Financial Wellness program

Addresses an issue that families care passionately about

ScholarShare 529 – A great way to save

Chances are your employees with children are looking for ways to maximize their higher education savings.

ScholarShare 529 Workplace Savings Program – Be an HR Hero

The ScholarShare 529 Workplace Savings Program gives employers an opportunity to take an active role in their employees' financial well-being.


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Our special employer-focused webinar is designed to help you assess if our Workplace Savings program would be a good fit with your firm.

Whether you are new to ScholarShare 529 or just looking for a refresher course, our employer webinar is a great way to find out everything you need to know. It was designed to educate HR and Benefits managers about our program. You can watch a pre-recorded webinar now or register to attend our next live webinar where a consultant can answer your questions.